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Correct Installation Method Of Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Equipment

Drip irrigation accessories supplier to share with you the correct installation method of greenhouse drip irrigation equipment.

Greenhouse drip irrigation has many advantages such as reducing humidity, increasing ground temperature, saving water, saving labor, high efficiency, and increasing production. However, in the use of greenhouse drip irrigation equipment, there are often problems such as damage to the irrigation device, clogging of drip holes, poor uniformity of water discharge, and small flow. In order to avoid the above problems, users should pay attention to the following points:

Drip Irrigation Accessories

Drip Irrigation Accessories

First, choose the appropriate drip irrigation accessories:

1. Through calculation or according to design requirements, select a suitable pump; through calculation, design a reasonable water supply pipe diameter and pipe length to achieve higher uniformity; water supply pipelines should choose plastic pipes with anti-aging properties.

2. Irrigation device is a key component. It is necessary to choose an irrigation device with even water output, strong anti-blocking ability, and convenient installation and use.

3. The filter selected should be 120 days or 150 days, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance and easy washing.

Second, install drip irrigation equipment:

1. The installation of the water supply pipeline shall adopt a two-way water distribution method, and strive to be balanced on both sides.

2. During the installation of the first hub, a pressure gauge and a valve must be installed at the front and rear of the filter. The purpose is to observe the pressure difference between the front and rear of the filter and to facilitate the adjustment of flow and pressure, and to facilitate the cleaning of the filter.

Use of drip irrigation equipment:

1. To control the system pressure, the system working pressure should be controlled within the specified standard range.

2. The filter is a key component to ensure the normal operation of the system and should be cleaned frequently. If the filter is found damaged, it should be replaced in time.

3. The irrigation device is easy to be damaged. It should be laid carefully and carefully managed. When not in use, it must be rolled up gently. Do not step on it or drag on the ground.

4. Strengthen management to prevent sundries from entering the waterer or water supply pipe. If foreign matter is found to enter, you should open the plugging head and flush it in time.

5. When the temperature in the greenhouse is too low in winter, corresponding measures should be taken to prevent frost cracking of plastic parts, water supply pipes and irrigation devices.

6. During drip irrigation, slowly open the valve and gradually increase the flow to exhaust air, reduce the impact pressure on the irrigation device, and extend its service life.