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Precautions When Using Fruit Tree Drip Irrigation Equipment

The application of drip irrigation system agriculture has brought fruit benefits to fruit farmers. Thanks to the advanced nature of fruit tree drip irrigation equipment, it not only has material benefits such as water, electricity and fertilizer It can also greatly reduce the amount of labor for fruit farmers, and at the same time it can bring some soil structure protection to the soil environment of the fruit tree orchard. Fruit tree drip irrigation equipment is worthy of widespread use by fruit farmers. However, many fruit farmers who are already using fruit tree drip irrigation equipment do not fully understand and be familiar with this type of semi-automatic machinery. There will be some operational errors, which will lead to poor irrigation results. The irrigation drip line manufacturer explains the precautions when using fruit tree drip irrigation.

1. Calculate the water delivery pressure and adjust it at any time

The water pressure in the pipeline affects the operation of the entire fruit tree drip irrigation equipment, so the water pressure must be adjusted to a reasonable range. Excessive pressure may cause the hose to rupture and cause uneven water discharge. Too little pressure may directly cause the dripper to not emit water, and it will also affect the uniformity of irrigation. It is recommended to install a water pressure gauge in the fruit tree drip irrigation equipment for monitoring and control. If there is no pressure gauge, you can observe the sound of water flow and swelling on the PE hose and drip irrigation belt, and then judge according to the daily normal conditions. It is not appropriate to be too large.

Adjustable Dripper

Adjustable Dripper

2. According to the condition of the fruit tree, the irrigation water volume of the irrigation drip tape is based on the current growth cycle of the fruit tree, because the water demand of the fruit tree is different at different growth stages, and it is also necessary to refer to weather conditions. 10 cubic meters of water per acre of land can be used for irrigation for 2-3 hours each time. The amount of drip irrigation for fruit trees is appropriately reduced during the flowering period, the period of vigorous growth of the fruit trees and the period of young fruit expansion should increase, and the period of drought should also increase. Irrigation should be stopped during the ripening period of the fruit. Excessive water will affect the taste quality of the fruit, which may cause severe cracking. The first choice for fruit tree drip irrigation equipment to grasp the amount of irrigation water is to monitor the flow meter. If not, it should be calculated according to the irrigation time and the design of the main pipeline tassel.

3. 3. Reasonable fertilization to prevent clogging

4. Fertilization of fruit tree drip irrigation equipment is inevitable. Fertilization is currently required for fruit tree drip irrigation equipment. Fertilizers and pesticides can be transported to fruit trees through irrigation pipes. Common fertilizing tools such as Venturi-type fertilizers. It looks very simple and easy to use, but there are a few things to note. First of all, the fertilizer that can be fertilized through fruit tree drip irrigation equipment must be water-soluble, which means whether the fertilizer can be dissolved in water without precipitation, not that the naked eye does not appear to be precipitated or not, you should check the fertilizer ingredient brand and the manufacturer. Whether the fertilizer is soluble in water. If the fertilizer is not soluble in water, either the fertilizer cannot pass through the filtration system or the downstream dripper will be blocked, which will affect the fertilizer efficiency. Secondly, the concentration of fertilization for fruit tree drip irrigation equipment should be controlled. After the fertilizer is completely dissolved, it is pressed into the branch pipe through the fertilizer. The pressing speed and water flow speed should be properly controlled to ensure that the fertilizer efficiency is sufficient but not too much to prevent burnt seedlings.